Personal Training – as individual as you are

Six reasons why personal training is much more cost-effective and time-saving than any gym subscription

Free consultation and anamnesis

Your lifestyle and the current state of health are taken into account from the very beginning.

Individual workout

You and your wishes are the centre of attention.

Professional support

Maximum efficiency through my well-founded know-how for the highest demands.

Flexible workout times, suited to your needs

Your schedule decides when and where we work out.

Exclusive training locations and modern training equipment

I provide a lot of privacy and use innovative training equipment.

Transparency and review of your training progress

I create varied training plans for you for maximum success.

Personal training with focus on figure coaching

Do you want to optimize your figure and keep your desired weight in the long run? Tighten or beautify your body? I would be happy to develop an efficient training program tailored to your wishes and your life situation.

With targeted Power Workouts under my motivating guidance you will lose moderate weight and enjoy your own fitness. Beautiful muscles are included for free!

In addition, I offer you qualified nutritional advice based on the latest scientific findings. This aims to increase physical and mental performance and thus provides for more well-being.

Invest in healthy nutrition for beautiful skin, strong hair and strong nails instead of expensive creams and beauty products. I will show you how you can find more balance and variety in your everyday life with little cost and time.


Taking into account your personal life situation and taste preferences,
your diet will be adapted accordingly.


With me you learn how to improve your body feeling with small
changes and how to find more life feeling.


I’ll show you how to eat a balanced diet in your everyday life without much effort.

No diets, no fasting.

Don’t struggle with unnecessary reduction diets, which just make sure you have more on your ribs and hips afterwards.

No yo-yo effect

Long-term success through sustainable weight loss and successive changes.

No waiver

Healthy nutrition does not mean doing without and can also be integrated into your everyday life.

Personal training with health and prophylaxis

Rehabilitations Training

Do you want to restore your state of health through physical activity and keep it stable?

I create individual training plans taking into account the diagnosis and your personal goals. The exercises include all aspects of rehabilitative training.

Functional training reduces the risk of injury and increases your performance at the same time. This not only makes you more resilient in sports, but also helps you in everyday life.

As a medical fitness trainer, I support you in sports injuries, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.

Osteoporose Training

Out of personal interest, the therapy of osteoporosis patients is a matter close to my heart.

My fitness training leads to an increase in bone density and increases the breaking strength of the bone. I also help you to avoid falls through a special training concept.

I take care of keeping your muscles and bones fit. You become more mobile again, so that you can cope better with everyday tasks such as walking and climbing stairs.

Training starts at low intensity and gradually increases. Furthermore, I will give you valuable tips for a healthy, wholesome and balanced diet.

Non-binding inquiry